Social Media Marketing: An Easy Guide

I am obsessed with Twitter and social media. I am constantly reading what people have to say and what they are posting about. Sometimes I am so attached my friends have to ask me to just put my phone down. But for those of your who are not as involved with social media like I am posted this great cheat sheet for what the major social media site actually do as well as telling small businesses how they can benefit by using certain social media outlets.

This infographic has an easy to read layout that directs the reader’s eyes to all different parts of the image. It is broken down by each different type of social media whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or ect. Under each social media outlet’s logo there is a list of the site’s pros and cons. It also tells the reader how to set up each different account as well as some of the slang that is needed to understand the social media site. This is extremely informative as to what each sites does as well as how it will help the small business with what they want to accomplish.

After going through the infographic it became apparent to me that social media is not part of people’s everyday lives like it is mine. And that social media is not second nature to a lot of people or businesses. There are many pros and cons about social media but I know many people who see it as free marketing and a way to get the word out about the company that you work for or even yourself as a brand. Companies should not be afraid of the social media revolution but they should embrace it because social media is here to stay. It is a better way to connect with your consumers and why not take the driver’s seat in what people are saying about you on social media.