Celebrity Tweet Disasters

It seems like every time I get on Twitter there is a some kind of celebrity scandal going on. And after my last post talking about all the good they can do it is a bummer to see more of the bad. This article talks about Patricia Heaton and her rant on Twitter.

Sometimes I think that celebrities use their fame to state their political stance but forget that that is not what their followers want to hear about. Especially if they are going to go on a rant about something. Celebrities need to remember that part of the reason they are as successful as they are is because people like them and want to see what they are up to but they don’t want to listen to them bashing on other people.

So then the question comes up: should celebrities tweet for themselves? Obviously I think that they should because all in all they are entitled to their own opinion and can say what they want. But some need to remember to keep their emotional rants to themselves. Patricia Heaton is not the only celebrity to have an issue when it comes to tweeting, Chris Brown has attacked people when they boo’ed him when he received his Grammy and Kim Kardashian got a lot of back lash when she tweet out a phone number that she said was Justin Beiber’s number it was actually the number to call to vote for her brother Rob on Dancing with the Stars. I just think that celebrities and “regular” people need to think before they tweet it would cause a lot less issues if they did.


McDonald’s Social Media Disaster

One of my friends tweeted out this link early in the week and it intrigued me so I thought that I would share it with all of you.

Not knowing what had happened with the McDonald’s social media disaster, I obviously did not think that it was that big of a deal. All of the big social media disaster you hear about but this one seemed to stay hush-hush (or at least to me anyway). It actually ended up being a bigger deal than I thought.

Everyone knows about McDonald’s not having the best reputation for healthy food. So they decided to take action and help revamp their reputation by using social media. What started off as a good intention ended up backfiring on them .

After reading what had happened with the #McDStories and the lessons that the author wrote about it, it made me think about what I hashtag and how it can be misconstrued. I am taking this social media disaster as a reminder to everyone that Tweets or even a Facebook post can be taken the wrong way. There are things that we all post with good intentions but they can be taken in a totally different context. This is one of the downfalls of social media and the thing that can really get people or in this case a company in some murky water.

We can all learn from McDonald’s and be careful with our hashtags.