Victoria’s Secret: PINK Nation

Victoria’s Secret’s sister line PINK is a brand focused towards younger college-aged women who are looking for affordable and comfortable underwear and clothes. Under the PINK section of the Victoria’s Secret website there is a tab called PINK Nation which is an interactive website for members to get news of what is going on with the brand as well as getting them involved with creating a brand that these young women will want to wear and be apart of. By using the website as a key way to promote the brand it is targeting the age demographic who uses the products that PINK sells. PINK Nation also extends to Facebook and Twitter, which connect with their consumers through online quizzes, videos and even coupons that can be downloaded for the pages.

There are many positive things that result in the website being so interactive with these young women. The PINK Nation website, Facebook and Twitter are all perfect ways to get in contact with their demographic because most of the women are high school and college aged women. Most young girls in the PINK demographic are avid Internet users who have Facebook and Twitter accounts. So by marketing their products that way they are able to reach people that they would not otherwise be able to reach through just in-store deals or promotions. Another positive is the “nominate your school” feature where college students can nominate their school to be promoted on PINK apparel. This is a way to keep college students who are most likely on the cusp of not wanting to buy PINK merchandise anyone but still keeps them involved with the Victoria’s Secret brand. Even recent college grads are still looking for cute and comfy clothes that show pride for their alma mater. Most of the clothes that have college logos are made for men anyway so this is a great way to promote their line of clothes as well as the college.