5 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your PR Efforts

I am not public relations professional yet but I hope to be one soon. So when I came across this article about how people are sabotaging public relations efforts it made me start thinking about how many companies fall into these traps.

The one sabotaging effort that really stood out to me was sending out too many press releases. I know that I have worked for places that sends out media coverage pieces constantly and I never saw it as a bad thing. But it makes sense that something newsworthy does not happen at a company every day or even every week for that matter. It really is good to pick and choose the events that are the most important to your company otherwise people are going to stop caring about what is happening with your company. That does not mean that sending out large numbers of new release is a bad thing it just mean that pick events that your customers and potential customers want to read about. Make it events and stories that will get customers through the doors not moving on to your competition.

I think that every public relations practitioner should read this article so they are not setting their company up for failure even though they are working hard to get the word out about the company. These tips might seem like they are “common sense” but some times a little reminding is always good. Besides all your hard work should not have to result in failure.