College Student Blogs for a Job

I hear all the time, at least in most of my classes, that having an online presence could help you get a job. Well this student really took that to heart. Daniel Herbert, saw a job that he really wanted and thought that he was qualified for and went for it. And what I say went for it, he wrote about why he would be the perfect fit for the job. And within the next 24 hours he had an interview with the company.

An a graduating senior myself, I look around in my classes and look at all these over-qualified people and think how am I going to stand out? By blogging about the job he wanted, Daniel was able to stand out and catch the companies attention. While we all can’t start blogging about how we wanted certain jobs it puts the idea of thinking outside of the box when it comes to getting a job. If you feel like you are qualified for the job then do what it takes to feel like you are being heard.

But make sure that you are being smart about your method of reaching out to the company. Daniel was able to use his blog in a very effective way. He made sure that when he blogged about the job that he knew what he was talking about and he made sure that he wrote the post to his audience, the company. If you are going to be gutsy enough to pitch the company like that you better make sure you know what the company is about.

So what would you do to stand out to an company that you really wanted to work for?