Pinterest: The Social Media Game Changer

What is Pinterest? For people who have never viewed the site it might not make any sense to what exactly people are doing when they spend hours on this one site. Pintrest is a site where users can share different images that they like whether it is fashion, food or event ideas. In the past few months Pintrest users has increased by an astronomical amount. This infographic from Mashable shows how Pinterest users and the site itself have changed the online traffic to retailers. It also shows that it is one of the social media sites that has the most referral traffic. Pinterest is right up there with Facebook and Youtube sites that have been around for much longer than Pinterest.

So what exactly are people getting from Pinterest? As a Pinterest user myself, I regularly use the Food and Drink tab to discover new recipes. Using Pinterest is actually how I found my favorite new blog, The Pioneer Woman. Pinterest users are connecting with different users as well as companies and sharing things that interest them. It is a way to learn about new do-it-yourself projects or maybe even a new clothing store that you did not know about. Just like any other social media outlet Pinterest is really about connecting with people who have similar interests to you. All social media sites are about connecting with different people and Pinterest is no different but it is a way of connecting with more than just words.



Lilly Pulitzer

On January 6, 2012 the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page made an announcement to Sorority Women that they were having a second contest to pick the next three sorority houses that would get their very own Lilly Pulitzer print. The contest was the same as last year with there being two stages of voting.

The first stage was a general round where any sorority house could be talked about and voted on. The top six voted on sorority houses were to be announced for the second round of voting.  But the response was so big again this year that Lilly Pulitzer decided that they were going to name the top nine sorority house for second round voting. After two weeks of voting Lilly Pulitzer announced on January 24th, the top five voted houses who would in turn get their own Lilly print.

The winners were announced via Facebook video for the sorority women to watch. The women were also reassured that if their house was not picked that their time would come. The women of the sorority houses and the “Lilly Lovers” were told to be excited for what the new prints were going to entail. Hopefully the prints would be ready for the sorority recruitment that happens in the fall.

If I was the public relations executive for Lilly Pulitzer I would handle the Sorority Prints Contest in almost the same way. I would choose five sorority houses like they ended up choosing instead of three like they were originally going to do because it covers more houses in a shorter period of time. It might be hard with production because that is a lot of work that goes into making different prints as well as products that go with that print. A suggestion that I would have would be to pick two or three sorority houses semi-annually because it will keep the sorority women more engaged with the contest as well as it will cut the amount of production time but will still get the print made. The only problem with this contest in the long run is eventually all the houses will have their own print which means that the contest cannot go on forever. But coming up with other contests like which new products the sorority women want will keep then engaged with Lilly Pulitzer. It is just a matter of listening to what the sorority women are going to want in the future to keep them returning customers because they are a very large demographic.


Super Bowl Ads

With the Super Bowl right around the corner or better known to my friends as the Brand Bowl why not talk about some of these influential ads that many of us remember watching for the first time.

The Super Bowl isn’t just about the game any more, it is about what company is going to come up with the coolest ads and have everyone talking about it. Everyone waits to see what Budweiser will come up with this year as well as being a critic every time an ads comes on.

This is exactly what the companies want. They want you to think of (one of my personal favorites) the guy that slides out the window because of the silk sheets his girlfriend put on the bed when you go to buy Bud Light. Companies are willing pay millions of dollars to get their ads on for just 30-seconds. But in return it is getting people to think about their brand in different ways and possibly buy their product when people might not have before.

The one ad on the list of 12 ads that changed Super Bowl marketing that really stand out to me is the Chrysler “Imported from Detroit” ad. This wasn’t an ad that way out right selling you something. It was showing the people of America that Detroit might have fallen on some hard times because of the economy but that now it is back and better than ever. By showing the Chrysler as luxurious it in turn made people think that Detroit was maybe not luxurious but that it was desirable and that they were doing good things for the country.

All of the 12 ads that changed Super Bowl marketing made people think about more about what was happening in the world than really what product you should be buying.

So what is your favorite Super Bowl ad?

McDonald’s Social Media Disaster

One of my friends tweeted out this link early in the week and it intrigued me so I thought that I would share it with all of you.

Not knowing what had happened with the McDonald’s social media disaster, I obviously did not think that it was that big of a deal. All of the big social media disaster you hear about but this one seemed to stay hush-hush (or at least to me anyway). It actually ended up being a bigger deal than I thought.

Everyone knows about McDonald’s not having the best reputation for healthy food. So they decided to take action and help revamp their reputation by using social media. What started off as a good intention ended up backfiring on them .

After reading what had happened with the #McDStories and the lessons that the author wrote about it, it made me think about what I hashtag and how it can be misconstrued. I am taking this social media disaster as a reminder to everyone that Tweets or even a Facebook post can be taken the wrong way. There are things that we all post with good intentions but they can be taken in a totally different context. This is one of the downfalls of social media and the thing that can really get people or in this case a company in some murky water.

We can all learn from McDonald’s and be careful with our hashtags.


Welcome to my blog!

What is social media? A way for you to connect with your friends or favorite celebrities? A way to get your news? A way for companies to reach all of their customers? It is all of these things and so much more. Social media has changed the way that people interact with each other. Helping people connect with long lost friends or just stay in contact with the friends they have.

As an avid social media user myself (and when I say avid I mean that I read Twitter and Facebook almost hourly) it excites me to see how these tools have changed the way companies communicate with their customers. For the first time companies are engaging in active conversations with their customers and making the changes that their customers want. And its not only companies. Social media has given everyone a voice (even if they don’t use it wisely). It is a way to express yourself and to really feel like people are listening to what you have to say.

Through this blog I am going to explore the different aspects of social media  as well as how different companies are using the social media tools to create awareness about their brand.

I hope you enjoy! And make sure to follow me on Twitter!