My Final Post

As I get ready for my last week of my term I get to look back on all the work that I have done and see all that I have learned. I have learned so much about being a PR planner and how to write different types of PR documents (CSR letter and shareholder letter). There have been many things that I have liked and things that I don’t think are suited to me as well. While I loved reading different articles about what is going in the social media and PR world, I didn’t necessarily love having to write about it. I just feel like I am a student who has not participated in any real world PR or social media so why would people want to hear my opinion and is my opinion even right? Well I guess it is my opinion so it is right to me at least. I just don’t know if I am the blogging type.

Over the past term I have come to the realization that I am more of a listener when it comes to social media than anything else. I am constantly on twitter and reading every thing that people post but I rarely post myself. I just don’t think I am the sharing type at least when it comes to twitter and social media. I don’t know if I want the twitter-verse to know all my thought and feelings all the time because then what are the things I don’t share? I know over time and hopefully when I am a PR professional (I am crossing my fingers for a job after I graduate in June) I will feel like I have something of value to say. But for now I am just going to enjoy reading what other people have to say.


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