Keep A Child Alive

Twitter and Facebook have become part of most people’s everyday lives. We post pictures, links we like, and follow people we find interesting, which most times consist of celebrities. Celebrities are rampant on Twitter and tweet about every move they make which in turn makes us feel more connected to them. So when the most followed person on Twitter, Lady Gaga to be exact and other big name celebrities made the announcement that they were giving up Facebook and Twitter until $1 million was raised people took notice. The money was raised to help Alicia Keys charity Keep A Child Alive, which is an AIDS charity.

All of the celebrities who were involved filmed a short “last tweet and testament”  video that was meant to be an advertisement for the campaign. But is this really what Twitter and Facebook are about? In today’s culture it is. Can another person say that they have 7 million followers besides Lady Gaga?  This is exactly what social media is meant to do; it is mean to reach people all over. These celebrities were using their public personas to fund a very private issue.

This is one way that blurring the lines of public and private lives can be helpful, by raising money for a good cause. The causes that people choose to support are very personal to them and usually the person has some sort of connection to that cause. But instead of just writing a check themselves, these celebrities decided to bring the public in to a cause that many people might not have heard of before. This is the way social media sites should be getting attention as well as the celebrities that are involved.

People are always going to criticize what celebrities do with their “public power” as well as people will not necessarily agree with them going to their Twitter and Facebook to get donations but we are seeing this happen more and more. For example, money was raised after the tsunami in Japan hit through Twitter donations.

The power of Twitter and Facebook should be embraced because it is a way to reach masses of people who otherwise would not have been informed. Even if they are an invisible audience at least they are being reached for more than just a mindless tweet.


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