Job Search Jargon

As a graduating senior I feel like I am always looking for jobs but half the time I see a posting that interests me I don’t know if I am qualified or not. I would like to think that I am all of the things that companies are looking for. But I know that they are looking for a certain person. That is why this article really stuck out to me, it talks about how those words are not always a good thing and that job postings like this may not be what you want.

After reading the article and thinking about what is being said it is confusing as to whether or not all companies have those hidden meaning. It is kind of scary when I look at jobs because I obviously don’t want to get myself into something that I am not going to like or something that I am not well suited for. But even with these precautions I am still not going to let this discourage me from finding a great job. While there are lots of jobs out there that are not all they say they are there are still good ones out there. So I am glad that I read this article because it has helped me think about what I want from a job. I can decide what of the jargon words that I can accept and what words I am not okay with.

So as I continue my job search I will take into account what these words mean.


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