Pinterest: The Social Media Game Changer

What is Pinterest? For people who have never viewed the site it might not make any sense to what exactly people are doing when they spend hours on this one site. Pintrest is a site where users can share different images that they like whether it is fashion, food or event ideas. In the past few months Pintrest users has increased by an astronomical amount. This infographic from Mashable shows how Pinterest users and the site itself have changed the online traffic to retailers. It also shows that it is one of the social media sites that has the most referral traffic. Pinterest is right up there with Facebook and Youtube sites that have been around for much longer than Pinterest.

So what exactly are people getting from Pinterest? As a Pinterest user myself, I regularly use the Food and Drink tab to discover new recipes. Using Pinterest is actually how I found my favorite new blog, The Pioneer Woman. Pinterest users are connecting with different users as well as companies and sharing things that interest them. It is a way to learn about new do-it-yourself projects or maybe even a new clothing store that you did not know about. Just like any other social media outlet Pinterest is really about connecting with people who have similar interests to you. All social media sites are about connecting with different people and Pinterest is no different but it is a way of connecting with more than just words.



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