Lilly Pulitzer

On January 6, 2012 the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page made an announcement to Sorority Women that they were having a second contest to pick the next three sorority houses that would get their very own Lilly Pulitzer print. The contest was the same as last year with there being two stages of voting.

The first stage was a general round where any sorority house could be talked about and voted on. The top six voted on sorority houses were to be announced for the second round of voting.  But the response was so big again this year that Lilly Pulitzer decided that they were going to name the top nine sorority house for second round voting. After two weeks of voting Lilly Pulitzer announced on January 24th, the top five voted houses who would in turn get their own Lilly print.

The winners were announced via Facebook video for the sorority women to watch. The women were also reassured that if their house was not picked that their time would come. The women of the sorority houses and the “Lilly Lovers” were told to be excited for what the new prints were going to entail. Hopefully the prints would be ready for the sorority recruitment that happens in the fall.

If I was the public relations executive for Lilly Pulitzer I would handle the Sorority Prints Contest in almost the same way. I would choose five sorority houses like they ended up choosing instead of three like they were originally going to do because it covers more houses in a shorter period of time. It might be hard with production because that is a lot of work that goes into making different prints as well as products that go with that print. A suggestion that I would have would be to pick two or three sorority houses semi-annually because it will keep the sorority women more engaged with the contest as well as it will cut the amount of production time but will still get the print made. The only problem with this contest in the long run is eventually all the houses will have their own print which means that the contest cannot go on forever. But coming up with other contests like which new products the sorority women want will keep then engaged with Lilly Pulitzer. It is just a matter of listening to what the sorority women are going to want in the future to keep them returning customers because they are a very large demographic.



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