Welcome to my blog!

What is social media? A way for you to connect with your friends or favorite celebrities? A way to get your news? A way for companies to reach all of their customers? It is all of these things and so much more. Social media has changed the way that people interact with each other. Helping people connect with long lost friends or just stay in contact with the friends they have.

As an avid social media user myself (and when I say avid I mean that I read Twitter and Facebook almost hourly) it excites me to see how these tools have changed the way companies communicate with their customers. For the first time companies are engaging in active conversations with their customers and making the changes that their customers want. And its not only companies. Social media has given everyone a voice (even if they don’t use it wisely). It is a way to express yourself and to really feel like people are listening to what you have to say.

Through this blog I am going to explore the different aspects of social media  as well as how different companies are using the social media tools to create awareness about their brand.

I hope you enjoy! And make sure to follow me on Twitter!


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